Business Networking Program

Concept Summary

If you're looking for a creative way in which your member's businesses AND the FJMC can benefit in a synergistic whole, here's a concept which was developed in the Hudson Valley Region which is worth looking at.

Program Goals:

To provide a platform whereby FJMC members can develop and build business and personal relationships for the betterment of each person and the FJMC. This will result in broader personal connections among members, additional value from FJMC participation, and increased membership. This platform will be the go to engine to bring people together in a personal and meaningful way to do business and to find resources, expanding the role of the FJMC in the lives of Jewish Men, expanding the definition of “Jewish Life” and providing an ongoing income stream to the FJMC. It is our hope that through these business relationships, the FJMC can attract and involve new and younger members into the FJMC and instill in them the values of the organization.


Building on existing FJMC technologies and capitalizing on the ideas of Ron Wolfson, the Friends of the FJMC Business Referral Networking Program will expand the personal relationships developed within the FJMC by allowing business people to make connections, build relationships, and develop business. Through the use of live on-line conference tools, the Program will allow for moderated conversation, provide networking and other education, and facilitate to furtherance of relationships offline. By facilitating people to communicate directly in order to understand business needs and capabilities, the program will allow existing relationships to expand, new business relationships to develop, and FJMC relationships to grow and evolve through business.
The plan is to pilot this program in the areas surrounding New York City including the MNY, HVR, NNJ, and CV regions. It will be by invite only targeting men who are more geographically central and more likely to benefit from the program. Feedback from the early sessions will be used to adapt and further grow the program. The service will be provided for an annual membership fee (possibly as a down payment to future donations) with the recommendation that 10% of any business (based on gross margin?) derived from these sessions will be donated to the FJMC. This will be on the honor system consistent with Jewish ethics as there is no way to directly enforce the requirement.


Value will be provided across four separate constituencies:
  1. FJMC Members will be able to build more and better relationships, learn business skills, generate more business, and have a greater reason to be active in their Men’s Club.
  2. FJMC Clubs will be able to demonstrate value for membership dues and will gain an additional source of active members.
  3. FJMC Regions will be able to work with stronger clubs and can foster bonds beyond the club level providing an additional source of leaders for regional activities.
  4. The FJMC will demonstrate value for membership dues, influence men beyond their ritual “Jewish Life,” and have an ongoing income stream based on an ethical business model. Additionally, the FJMC may be able to identify specific business and operational skill sets that will help the organization be stronger.


For Further information, please contact Robert Levine at or Richard Freiberg at  Your business will be glad it did!