2007 Membership Recruiting Efforts Bring Results



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Our membership Vice President, Ron Gross, has done an extremely outstanding job of recruitment, and his “Century Club” goal of reaching 100 members will soon be reached.  In real numbers we only have roughly 160 male members in the Temple from which to form our Men’s Club potential membership base.  At this writing we have 97 members (91 paid, 4 complimentary [new Temple members], and 2 honorary).  That would factor out to better than 60% of potential members; quite an accomplishment as it stands.

Ron has an aggressive recruitment campaign that begins with the annual Temple membership renewal drive and continues with telephone banking and extensive letter writing.  All that is followed by another round of telephone calls to those who still have not joined, and then personal face-to-face contacts. 

In all of his communications, verbal and written, he uses the “team” concept that a successful Club is only possible through the support of the masses.  He stresses that support is not defined by the time and effort directly given by the members, but that their membership itself helps to carry on our successful programs.