2007 Operation Macabbi, Support our Troops Overseas During Hanukkah



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Operation Macabbi is designed to give our U.S. troops overseasand in harms way moral and where possible religious support during Hanukkah. It is very lonely to be Jewish in a military primarily Christian and also stationed in a Moslem country.  Many of our club members have serve in the military and we know what it means to be one of the few Jews in a military of hundreds of thousands of people. 


The goal of the Operations Macaabbi is to enlist the support of our community young and old to send cards, letter, and care packages to U. S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. 


We obtained the support of the Jewish Federation of Southern Jersey Educational Director, Jewish War Veteran's Post 126 (largest Post in the country), and six Jewish Religious Schools (three conservative, two reform, and one orthodox) and the local Girl Scout Troop which is primarily made up of Jewish girls.  


We know this program was a success because of the great heart warming thank you e-mails and letter from 35 Jewish Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines active duty and reserve component members stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq.


This program became a joint community effort to support our troops with the South Jersey Men's Club leading every step from developing the idea to receiving the thank you correspondence from the troops in harms way.