2007 Shul Fest Barbecue



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Several years ago, our club began to meet in late August or early September as a start-of-the-year, pre-holiday gathering in the form of a barbecue.  It was open to members of the club and their families.  The charge for the dinner was minimal and the turnouts usually ran around 60 people.  It ran from 3 to 7PM and gave everyone a chance to catch up on each others activities during the summer.

Our program chairmen presented a plan for doing a “Shul Fest Barbecue” with not only members, but the whole congregation to include their children.  So, 2 years ago we held the first “Shul Fest Barbecue at the shul outside on the side and rear of the building.  We has 6 grill going cooking hotdogs and hamburgers.  We served great rolls, salads, and cokes.  Our grillers rotated so no 6 people were tied to the grills all afternoon.  The 3 to 7:00 time span worked well.  The closest count that we could get approached 300 adults and kids.

The best result we have had from the barbecue is that we are given a chance to speak to non-members of the club about what we are doing and ask for their support.  

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