2007 Yom Hashoah Remembrance Day Program



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Our club has developed a Candle program that has been a positive force for the club.  Here is our formula.  We first develop a time line for distribution to our board that begins with the ordering of the Candles by December 31 (to qualify for the “early buy”) to a follow up letter 30 days after the Yom Hashoah date.  With our Candle order, we invite other clubs in the area to piggy back with our order to take advantage of the lower cost. Our basic plan is to mail a Candle to each and every member of the congregation in a FJMC mailer box with a letter that contains a message from our Yom Hashoah Candle Program chairman and a prayer to be read when the candle is lit.  Also included is a return envelope suggesting a gift of $18 or $36.

A very important part of our program is that our high school seniors are part of the processing of the candles usually 4 weeks before the Erev of the Yom Hashoah Remembrance Day.  The strength of having the students there is a learning session for them, as well as developing a culture that has them excitedly looking forward to helping us every year.  They have put out the word! 

 We mail the Candles 2 weeks before Remembrance Day. The return envelopes begin to flow in almost immediately.  Last year, we received over 200 replies with monies totaling over $4,500.  We netted $2,500 which were donated for Camp Ramah scholarships for Har Zion as well as other charities.     

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