Yom HaShoah Yellow Candle™ Local Program Scheduling


Order candles around Chanukah, but no later than the end of December.  This assures receiving the early-bird discount. Get local assembly logistics in place by Purim. Send or deliver the Candles before Pesah. Thank volunteers and follow up by Shavuot.

Here are specific dates to keep in mind.

November 20 to December 31, 2016

Order period for early bird order discount;  LAST DAY TO ORDER IS  DECEMBER 31st (on orders of 25 cases or more)

January 20

Submit Article to organization’s bulletin or newsletter.

February 11

Arrange for a reminder to appear in your organization’s bulletin or newsletter, prior to Yom Hashoah.

February 20


March 1

Submit News Release to Jewish and general local media outlets (printed or web-based groups).

March 6

Mail a Yom HaShoah letter from your Rabbi (samples available on website)

March 11 - April 13

If organization will distribute the candles by hand, set up delivery squads and establish routes. Determine deadlines for when to prepare the candles and other materials for delivery.  Plan around March 13th.

April 1


April 20 

Synagogue-wide email to remind families to light candle

Direct-mail candles sent out by FJMC will be delivered via standard bulk mail about four weeks prior to Yom HaShoah.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Erev Yom haShoah - Light the Yellow Candle after sundown

Monday, April 24, 2017

Yom Hazikaron Lashoah v’Lagvura – Holocaust and Heroes’ Remembrance Day

Hint: Have logistics volunteers focus on ordering & distribution of Candles. Program volunteers can plan Shoah commemorations involving other local organizations.