FJMC/MRJ Collaboration

In the spirit of Klal Yisrael, the Federation of Jewish Men’s Club, Inc. (FJMC) and the Men of Reform Judaism (MRJ) have agreed to collaborate in order to more effectively involve Men in Jewish life. It is our joint belief that inter-Movement cooperation between Men’s groups will enhance our understanding of what is occurring within Jewish families. It is FJMC’s intent to help the Brotherhoods of MRJ become the best Brotherhoods they can be in order to strengthen Jewish life in their synagogues. It is MRJ’s intent to similarly share their resources with the Men’s Clubs of the FJMC. Both organizations are aware of the cultural differences which exist and have pledged to respect those differences. In order to maximize use of resources, both organizations will be serviced from the FJMC Office at 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 820, New York, NY 10115. In a Jewish world that is often divided, we hope this model of increased cooperation will be a symbol of unity and show that we can do so much more working together