2020 Yellow Candle Early Bird Discount

Ordering Guide

The Yellow Candle program was created in 1981 by FJMC clubs in Canada, New England and elsewhere to keep alive the memory of the Six Million who perished in the Shoah.  Download the 2020 Yellow Candle Guide at www.yellowcandle.org.   Each Yom HaShoah Yellow CandleTM is made in Israel.  There are 48 candles in each case. 

Early Bird Pricing Details

  • Save up to $9 per case when you order early and in quantity! 
  • Free shipping on 4 or more cases until 1/14/2020. 
  • Earlybird discounts on quantity and shipping ends on January 14, 2020.  No Extensions.

After January 14th, shipping is $2/case to US destinations.

Available products for online web orders

Offline Order Forms & Pay by Check

If you prefer not to order online or you wish to pay by check, you can mail or fax your order to us.  Print one or both of the forms below. You can use one or both of them for your order. Each form allows you to order boxes and bags in addition to candles.

Bulk Cases Delivery Form -  Order cases, bags, and boxes

Direct Mail Delivery Form - Order boxed candles to be direct shipped to homes

Names of innocent children who were killed in the Shoah may be downloaded here for free.  The names and information are formatted, with instructions, for you to print individually on either the appropriate label or card. These may be sent, one each with a meditation, for when you light the yellow candle. 

Important: For your financial protection please do not send your credit card info via email. If you are ordering by credit card, please order online through the secure FJMC site. Click here.  Call us with your Yellow Candle questions. 

Steven Silverstone and Arthur Lashin, Co-Chairs, FJMC Shoah Yellow Candle™ Program

Edward Margolis, Logistics Chair