2020 Yellow Candle Results

With everybody's help this unique year, the Yellow Candle Program has expanded.   FJMC distributed 126,648 candles in North America to at least 262 organizations, which is a significant increase from last year.  Due to the COVID19 virus, our families are together at home sharing light through remembrance lighting Yellow Candles and reciting memorial prayers. 


“The Yellow Candle educational and sales program was a resounding success. Still, we could not have done it without the dedication, compassion, and tireless work of our thirteen Yellow Candle regional focals.” says Art Lashin, co-chair.  “Because of the invaluable help and remarkable volunteer spirit of our focal team, each region was able to exceed its sales goal! We appreciate their gift of time, energy, and enthusiastic support.”


With this year’s transition to a new Yellow Candle leadership team, we were ready for a change, and we got one.  This is just a moment in time, but a timeless moment that can never be forgotten. 




If you haven’t done so already,  please post your Yellow Candle photos to your social media. And please share to facebook at fjmc_hq (https://www.facebook.com/FJMCHQ  ) and on twitter, click here.  (https://twitter.com/search?q=%23YellowCandle&src=typeahead_click )  


We look forward to working with our talented team again next year.


Thank you,

Steve Silverstone, Art Lashin and Ed Margolis - FJMC Yellow Candle Program Chairs