Affinity Groups & Webinars

FJMC Affinity Groups & Webinars are open to all.
You do not need to be an FJMC member to join. 

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If you have any questions about a group or suggestions for a speaker,
please send an Email to the respective group contact below.

Group Name



Group Contact Email


Danny Mandeau Register for Cooking

Financial Insights

Richard Gray & Gary Smith Register for Financial Insights

Israeli & Jewish Music

Jason Hecht Register for Israeli & Jewish Music Email Coming Soon

Jewish Genealogy

Richard Gray Register for Genealogy


David Duchin, Andy Fandel
& David Greenfeld
Register for Photography

Shomrei Ha'Aretz
Stewards of the Lands

Scott Kadish Register for Shomrei Ha'Aretz


David Kravitz & Danny Mandeau Register for Sports

Torah Talks

Norm Kurtz & Benny Sommerfeld Register for Torah Talks

Yiddish Alive

Alan Davis, Jeffrey Newton,
Joe Rotstein, Esther Scheer
& Barry Wagner
Register for Yiddish Alive

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