Besides having the FJMC Public calendar below, you may connect it with your own Google Calendar.  We have created a 3:31 minute video (the word Video is the link to the video) that shows how to do that and explains why it is important to use a common calendar for FJMC activities.  For example, the International Organization tries to avoid significant regional activity dates, if possible, when scheduling most its meetings and events.  This is the script we used to create the video.

Only certain groups of FJMC members have authorization to make entries, and in certain cases, to grant permission to others to do so.  Watch this brief video on learning how to grant access.

Note:  If you look at the top of the calendar on the right side, you'll see three 'tabs' whcih will change the display.  The first tab "Week" will show the calendar as a week, the second "Month" will show the calendar default, as a month view, and the third tab "Agenda" lists all the events in date order.

Old Calendar - link