Case #545528 Workroom INFRINGER: The Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs Inc. | CLIENT: Associated Press [10246] | COPYRIGHT HOLDER: Associated Press | AGENCY: PicRights

I am writing to touch base with you in regards to the copyright infringement claim that we are attempting to resolve. Please give me a call at (714) 617-8349 referencing case number 545528, or reply to this email. If I am unable to demonstrate progress on this claim within the next week, it will be escalated to our litigation team. Cases of infringement of images that are registered with the US Copyright Office may receive judgments up to $30,000, or up to $150,000 if the infringement is proven to be willful. Judgments may also include reimbursement of attorneys’ fees, typically calculated at $350 per hour. I hope that we share the goal of avoiding litigation.

We believe that the offer to settle for $1438 is reasonable given the circumstances. You are welcome to make a counteroffer that I will relay to our client. I cannot guarantee that any offer will be accepted, but if it is, payment will be expected within five business days. Do you have a counteroffer designed to motivate our client to settle this case?

Thank you,

Eugene McCoy
Claims Resolution Specialist
Copyright Division
Law Firm of Higbee & Associates (
1504 Brookhollow Dr., Suite 112, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Direct: (714) 617-8349
Phone: (800) 716-1245Fax:(714) 597-6559

Claims Resolution Specialists are non-attorney staff members who assist attorneys in attempting to resolve copyright claims prior to litigation. All correspondence is reviewed by staff attorneys.

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