Chaverot Certification Box is missing

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Hi! The certification check box and text is missing on the Member listing page for individual clubs. Please see the below emails. I am not sure how to fix this. Thank you. Regards, Andy Alper Home 845-638-4634 | Work 212-345-6670 | Mobile 845-729-9332 Email: or ________________________________ From: Andy Alper Sent: Tuesday, November 19, 2019 10:12 PM To: Roger Hess Subject: Re: [tkt:6713] Chaverot log-in help club #226 Dear Roger, There is something wrong in that there is supposed to be box to "certify" your listing. I will need to check further on this. However, your list is okay and finished because for some reason the text above your member listing says: "Last Certified by kfuld on 2019-11-18 or 140 days after last fiscal year started." The date is correct for when you worked on the list. It is strange, but the name is the name of a part time employee who used to work in the FJMC office. You are all set. We have a bit more work to do. Thank you. Regards, Andy Alper Home 845-638-4634 | Work 212-345-6670 | Mobile 845-729-9332 Email: or ________________________________ From: Roger Hess Sent: Monday, November 18, 2019 10:57 PM To: 'Andy Alper' Subject: RE: [tkt:6713] Chaverot log-in help club #226 Hi Andy, Thank you for all of the specific directions. I was able to completely update our roster tonight, but I couldn’t find the box to check to certify it. Roger Roger Hess (203) 982-4377 From: Andy Alper [] Sent: Sunday, November 17, 2019 9:40 PM To: Subject: Fw: [tkt:6713] Chaverot log-in help club #226 Dear Roger, Your president's information did not come through in the below information. But - Please log into using the following information: UserID: rhess Temporary password: P76z9Ba After you log in, please change your password. Then, on the top menu, go to Clubs - Club Management (Chaverot). Please then select your club. I added you as member of the club. I also added you in the top section (you will need to expand the section) as a Club Officer with update authority. You can now add and delete members of your club, and in the top section, add and delete officers as well as give them authority to view or update the club information. When you are done, also please sure to check the box to certify the roster. If you add your president with update authority, he will also be able to make changes, but he will need to log in first. By clicking on the link at the upper right of the webpage, he should be able to create a new account if he needs to. Please let me know if you have any difficulty. Thank you. Regards, Andy Alper Home 845-638-4634 | Work 212-345-6670 | Mobile 845-729-9332 Email: or ________________________________________ From: on behalf of Sent: Sunday, November 17, 2019 7:46 PM To: Subject: [tkt:6713] Chaverot log-in help club #226 has created the ticket 'Chaverot log-in help club #226': State: new Priority: normal You can reply to this email or visit the following URL to update this ticket: Ticket text: ------------------------------ Hello, I am the new Treasurer of our club. We have had a complete turnover of leadership in our club and we do not have anyone to ask about login info for Chaverot. Please help me get started. I have CC'd our new President on this note. Thank you, Roger Hess, Treasurer Congregation Or Shalom Men's Club (#226). Roger Hess [1] (203) 982-4377 ------------------------------ Unsubscribe from this ticket: Unsubscribe from all tickets: [30:34173cb38f07f89ddbebc2ac9128303f] [1]
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Bruce told me that the certification box is meant to disappear if the membership list had already been certified for the current year.