Club Officers


This is Mike Miller from Temple Beth El in Rochester, NY (club # 1233). I
am a past president of our Men's Club, and currently represent our club to
our Tri-State Region.

I have noticed that the list of officers from our club as shown on the FJMC
web site is outdated. Below is the list of officers for the 2019-2020
membership year. Please update the FJMC's database to reflect our current
club officers. If there is anything more that I can do to facilitate this
process, please let me know. Thank you.

In brotherhood,
Mike Miller
Temple Beth El, Rochester, NY

Gerry Russ - -President

Alan Ginsberg - VP General Programs

Bruce Green – VP Special Programs

Jonathan Allentoff - VP Membership

_____________ – VP Fundraising

Sid Rosenzweig - VP Communications

Jonathan Dean - Secretary

Mike Allentoff - Treasurer

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