Passing of Burt Fischman, Z"L

Our friend, mentor and teacher, Dr. Burton L. Fischman, Z-L, passed away April 3, 2018. This is indeed a sad day, and the men of the FJMC shall miss his great wisdom and personality. 

Some of the comments from FJMC leaders, both current and past, are shown below:

Burt was my mentor, friend and inspiration. I will miss him. DK

From the time I met him at the first LDI . . . through my presidency and beyond, I continued to learn and grow from him. He was funny, entertaining and just a real mench and most of all my friend. MM

"In one very brief encounter at my first convention, Burt helped me see my way through the toughest part of my life." SD

"Individually and in groups when we sing the Birchat, we need to be a little louder and even with more Ruach to make up for Burt. I will miss him as a friend, mentor, and humorist." TS

"There are no words to express the great loss to FJMC . . . May we honor his memory by our actions at FJMC and beyond." AG

"He was the unseen star of every convention or leadership seminar over the past 25 years . . . enabling all of us to exceed our own expectations." SG

"A venerable spirit not soon forgotten." SS

"Captain Ruach; Being with you was a gift, learning from you was an inspiration. Your commitment to all things right is my strength. Being your friend was a blessing." BK

"He was such a wonderful person, mentor and friend. We will all miss him dearly." KM

"Burt was a great mentor and will be sorely missed by the his immediate family, his FJMC family and everyone that he touched." DS

"Burt impressed me with his ability to get individuals involved while educating them, he knew how to let loose. I was extremely impressed with how the took a prayer which everyone would run through like an express train and made it a joyous event with camaraderie, bar none. He took a Birkat and made it a joyous and happy event leaving everyone with an “UPPER"."  JHN


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Captain Ruach, the Presidential Advisor

agouraguy's picture

I have so many fond memories of Burt:  being in stitches at Hospitality Hours as he recounted some of his infamous (and mostly off-color) jokes; listening to his wisdom at LDI training sessions; admiring his impact on the men at every convention as he stood on a chair waving his ruach rag during Birkhat; being entertained  by his singing and piano playing, etc., etc.  But my most meaningful memories of Burt were while I was President.  I unofficially gave him the title of Presidential Advisor, because I frequently turned to him for advice and guidance on ways to improve my leadership skills, suggestions on how to better interact with other members of the leadership team, or just as a sounding board for the latest "issue" affecting our organization.  Burt, you will truly be missed!

Our Mentor - Burt's picture

I knew Burt for a few years, however the last couple of years we worked closer together. Burt was a virtual fountain of knowledge and was very free in imparting that knowledge to anyone who would listed, and believe me I listened. Whenever I had a question on working with other people, presenting reports, and writing reports. We also would talk about keeping our bodies physically fit. Like I said Burt was a virtual fountain of Knowledge. I will miss him.

Steve Silverstone

Enthusiastic Burt

Burt's ruach and ongoing passion to teach and mentor will last for a lifetime. He had the gift of knowing how to communicate well, and the drive to pass that on to others. His enthusiasm has enspried many of us, and will continue to for quite some time in the future.