FJMC Advantage - January 2014

Welcome to The FJMC Advantage, a monthly newsletter to help YOU build your clubs and regions.

This Month's theme is: Health and Wellness.

OY! DEADLINES, DEADLINES, DEADLINES                                                


If you are thinking about ordering Yellow Candles, NOW IS THE TIME TO GET THE ORDER IN.  The early bird discount ends TODAY so order NOW! 

LAST CALL TO TIE ONE ON (your arm, and another on your head)

It is not too late to put together some programming for your World Wide Wrap this Sunday.  Check out for some great ideas to implement in your wrap.  Be a part of the NFL (Narrow Flat Leather) League! 
And for some free additional publicity and marketing, be sure to post pictures from your wrap on Facebook at FJMC HQ and World Wide Wrap 2014.  


QUALITY HEALTH AND WELLNESS                                                             

Did you know that there is now an "active club participation wellness" component for the 2013-2014  Quality Club Award?  Don't get caught loafing off.  Now is the time to plan your club's next Health and Fitness program.  Need some ideas?  How about bringing in a an exercise instructor to teach a class, have an expert come in and talk about men's health ideas, put on a CPR class, or organize a health fair.  Read more, below, or take a look a the health and wellness Torch Award winners for more ideas (note:  you must log in to view this and if you don't have a password, now is a perfect time to get one, and its free).


BILL BECKER SAYS:                                                                                    

If you ever been prodded to stand up and exercise at an FJMC event, it is likely to have been at the behest of FJMC Health and Wellness Guru Bill Becker.  Bill wants to remind you how simple it is to get fit using his 10 tips.  They are a great way to get started down the path to improved health and wellness.  Maybe you could use some of these at your next board/region meeting?  For more ideas, send Bill an email.


ARE YOU BEING TRACKED?                                                                      

Those funky looking watches and bracelets you are seeing people wear are often fitness trackers that monitor activities such as how many steps you take, how much you sleep, and what you eat.  For those of us that don't exercise as much as we should, these are a great tool to keep track of what we are doing and motivating us to do more.  If you are interested in buying one, don't forget to use the FJMC link. or (both free and easy ways to give the FJMC a donation).   Why not have a competition among your club members to see who is doing the most exercising - without even trying?  It is amazing to see how much (and how little) we move some days. 


EVERYTHING'S SO GREEN                                                                        

The Interfaith Partners for the Environment, Greenfaith, is having a Webinar on February 6, 2014 at 8 p.m. Eastern time to provide information about the Greenfaith Fellowship Program.  If you are interested, you can register here.  The FJMC is a partner with Greenfaith. 


ARE YOU REGISTERED?                                                                           
Don't forget to register your Men's Club Shabbat here.  It only  takes a moment and it helps us help you improve Men's Club Shabbat for all of our clubs. 

ASK THE ADVANTAGE                                                                                 

For those new to the FJMC Advantage, 'Ask the Advantage' is a place you can ask for advice on an issue you or your club are facing, whether it be programmatic in nature, club member interaction, transition related, or something as specific as dealing with a difficult member. 


Dear Creighton, What's the point of The Advantage anyway?  Don't I already get enough emails from the FJMC?  Sincerely, Inundated 


Dear Mr. Dated,  The Advantage is unlike any other FJMC email or newsletter in that it is directed specifically to Club and Region Presidents as well as activities and programming chairs.    My goal is to give you tools that you can use to improve all aspects of your club in an easy to read and occasionally humorous format.  This includes programming suggestions, management ideas, and reminding you of upcoming events and deadlines that will benefit your club and region.  If you have any suggestions on improving it, or, want me to add someone to the mailing list, I welcome your input and I promise I won't ask you to be a co-editor (right away), Creighton


TORCH AWARD WINNER'S SPOTLIGHT                                                   

Each month I'll spotlight a Torch Award Winning Program that you can adopt for your club.   


This month, I recommend you take a look at the  Scott Kopen Family Fitness Night from Agudath Israel in Camden, New Jersey.  To honor a past club president that died from pancreatic cancer, they organized a family fitness night that brought in famlies for fun activities while raising money for pancreatic cancer research.  It won a Gold Torch Award and looks to be adoptable by any club.  NOTE:  You might need to sign in to the FJMC site to see this.  If you don't have a password , now would be a perfect time to get one.  And they're free!  


LINK OF THE MONTH                                                                                 

In keeping with the theme this month, check out the FJMC Wellness Initiative page for lots information and ideas on implementing a wellness program at your club.  


...JUST ONE MORE THING                                                                          

A bit of humor you can use at your next Board Meeting, Presentation, or just to add some amusement to your day. Send me your submissions but please, keep them clean(ish). 


Selma and Golda were walking along the street when Selma said, "My son Irving is getting married.  He tells me he is engaged to a wonderful girl, but... he thinks she may have a disease called herpes."  Golda asked, "Do you have any idea what this herpes is, and can he catch it?"  Selma replied, "No, but I am just so thrilled to hear about Irving's engagement - it's time he settled down.  As far as the herpes goes...who knows?"  "Well," says Golda, "I have a very good medical dictionary at home. I'll look it up and call you." 

So, Golda goes home, looks it up, and calls Selma, "I found it. Not to worry. It says herpes is a disease of the gentiles."