Four Million... and Counting!


Order Your Yom HaShoah Yellow Candles Today! - Early Bird Discount EXTENDED to January 31, 2014

Since 1981, the FJMC Yellow Candle program has enabled clubs and synagogues to purchase ambulances, plant gardens, fund youth activities, invest in Holocaust programs, and more... all because of the little Yellow Candle. Over four million Yellow Candles have been distributed since the program began.  

There is no better time for you or your club to order FJMC Yellow Candles. All orders received before January 31, 2014 will enable your club to receive an “early bird” discount and save up to $9/case on your order.

Go to the FJMC website for online ordering and pricing details. Remember that Yellow Candles are shipped in full cases containing 48 candles each.

Top Ten Reasons Your Club Should Participate:

10.     New Candle Label Art & Artist.  Dubi Arie - artist, Israeli soldier, farmer and Holocaust survivor - created a unique piece of art: “The Mission.” Arie's personal trials and tribulations have uniquely shaped him and his art. “The Mission,”  which took seven years from brush to final stroke to complete, serves as a remarkable inspiration for all mankind. For a limited time, this artwork will be a featured part of our Yellow Candles label. It is Dubi's ardent hope that the Yellow Candle Program will generate feelings of unity within the Jewish people.  Learn more here.

9.       An Opportunity for Your Club to Work with Other Groups, e.g. USY, Reform congregations, churches, schools, Hillels, & others.

8.       A Way to Get Your Congregation's Rabbi Involved. Your Rabbi can play a key role in promoting and implementing your Yom ha-Shoah program, functioning as a real partner with your Club. It's a relationship builder!

7.       It's a Great Way to Get Younger Men Involved (and even their kids) to pack and to deliver candles. Many clubs organize a Candle Packing Night during which they order in pizza - another excuse (or opportunity) to...

6.       Get Together With Your Friends to plan and implement Yom HaShoah programming.

5.       Boost the Prestige of Your Men's Club in the congregation and community by demonstrating your Club's ability to organize and run an important program on a topic that should be of concern and interest to everyone Jewish.

4.       It's a Fund Raiser. Many clubs raise money by sending out candles along with a solicitation letter; others simply charge for candles outright. If you're stumped for fund raising ideas, your friendly FJMC consultants can help!

3.       Need to Educate Future Generations. The Yellow Candle Program offers all kinds of opportunities for your Men's Club and your synagogue to carry on the important mission of teaching people the lessons of the Shoah.

2.       The 1,000,000 Candle Challenge. The FJMC has set a goal and challenge to the world: Light a million candles on Yom HaShoah. Say YES and answer the challenge!  Let’s light 1,000,000 candles on Yom HaShoah.  Be part of this worldwide effort!  You can register now as an individual or club and commit to lighting a candle on Yom HaShoah.

1.        Remember the Victims of the Shoah. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana

1,000,000 Candle Challenge - REGISTER NOW

Join the FJMC, USCJ, Men of Reform Judaism (MRJ), United Synagogue Youth (USY), Women’s League of Conservative Judaism (WLCJ), and so many others who choose to participate and support this important program. People everywhere, regardless of race or religious affiliation are all urged to insure that the lessons of the Shoah are never put aside and forgotten. 

Tell your congregants.  Tell your friends, neighbors and relatives. Tell everyone! Teach your children. On Yom HaShoah, commit to lighting a candle! 

Light Yellow Candles for each household/member in your synagogue or organization, and for each individual you expect to participate in your community-wide Holocaust programs. Consider sending Candles to prospective congregants (involve your membership committee). Two candles per household can encourage wider remembrance of Holocaust victims, or use the second candle for a family Yahrzeit.

Send Yellow Candles for each college student living away from home, for nursing home residents and hospitalized individuals, etc.  Send additional candles for other Holocaust memorial programs, for displays, for guests at services or for distribution to members of other organizations or groups.

Light a Candle, Preserve a Memory™


Stephen Neustein and Aaron Altman- FJMC Yellow Candle Committee