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We need to establish the standards and guidelines for groups, both Civicrm and organic

Groups are a great way to create clusters of people who need to be communicated with or given access as a consistent team

Groups are most effective when they are accurate. Taking a specific action to change group membership should be avoided. If it is secondary to the task they are doing it may not happen

The simplest form of a group is a club. If we can create the relationship for members of a club it should automatically add the member to the club smart group. A club needs 2 groups, a members group and an officer group.

For regions we need to have a pair of super groups to have all club members and all officers. A group for club presidents is also very useful. to make this happen a third group is required for each club which is just the president. Each of these groups belong to a regional super group which role up to international super group.

Specific groups are needed for subscribed publications, committees and events.


Since we have many clubs with common names the club name should start with a 4 character club number begriming with a C and 4 digits club numbers less than 1000 need a leading 0 for consistency.

My thought of using the C with the 2 digit region number will place the region just ahead fo the clubs in the dropdown list.

The organic groups are a subset of the regular groups where we need the information for access control.  My concern is if we get too complicated with the groups Civi will spend a lot of time managing the groups.