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Dec 2014 / Kislev-Tevet 5775

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Happy (Secular) New Year!          

One of the advantages of being Jewish is having the opportunity to celebrate two different New Years every year.
They are very different, these two New Years. One, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is the vanguard of a period of solemn introspection and personal reflection. The other, the secular New Year, leans more toward being a time of feasting, revelry, and flat-out celebration.

Funny how one kind of New Year leads to (we hope!) self-improvement and growth, while the other leads to fattened waistlines and hangovers... and it's pretty clear which is which. Yet each one has its place in our lives.

As always, we welcome your submissions and your constructive input: Please let us know how best to serve your needs and those of your Club.

In This Issue
Some Thoughts on Chanukah

New FJMC Newsletters: Keruv; Health, Wealth, and Retirement

It's (Almost) Time for the World Wide Wrap

Build-a-Pair: Is Your Hebrew School Ready for the Wrap?


Some Thoughts on Chanukah
"Chanukah 5775 is now a warm, glowing memory, but we're not quite out of the Holiday Season woods. In modern America, there is a regrettable tendency in the popular culture to mash all of the holidays up together, creating an amorphous Laborweenthanksgivukkahmas. (And that's not even counting the secular New Year!)

"But Chanukah, little Chanukah, deserves a bit of reflection."   


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New FJMC Newsletters: Keruv; Health, Wealth, and Retirement


Keruv - the FJMC initiative that works toward creating a more welcoming community and synagogue environment in order to enhance the involvement of non-Jewish spouses - is front and center in a new FJMC newsletter. Keruv will help your club in its efforts to keep intermarried families active in Jewish life.


In addition, we are now sending out a newsletter on Health, Wealth, and Retirement - interrelated issues that are of interest to so many of our club members. The HWR publication is part of FJMC's strategy of providing useful information that can enrich men's lives in the important areas of financial planning and healthy living.

Check out the Keruv Newsletter

Check out the Health, Wealth, and Retirement Newsletter

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It's (Almost) Time for the World Wide Wrap


Super Bowl Sunday kicks off the month of February... and it's the date for the 2015 edition of the World Wide Wrap, FJMC's signature event that teaches young and old alike about the mitzvah of Tefillin.

Last year's Wrap had a record turnout, and this year we want to make it even bigger by encouraging your club to partner with an international club. Contact Orin Rotman (orotman@steinrotman.com) for more details on partnering.   


Read more about the Wrap

Register Your Club

Is Your Hebrew School Ready for the Wrap?


For 5th through 7th graders, Build-a-Pair works alongside the World Wide Wrap to help teach the mitzvah of Tefillin. Students construct their own model Tefillin and create "wRAP" songs to sing during your club's WWW program. With Build-a-Pair, you not only improve participation in the World Wide Wrap, you have a real hands-on way to connect young folks with this important ritual observance.
Having your Men's Club bring the Build-a-Pair program to your shul's religious schoolis a great way to put Men's Club "up front and center" for younger parents... the kind of people who will be the foundation of your Club just a few years down the road. Right now is the time to make sure Build-a-Pair is included in your Hebrew School's curriculum... it's a win-win-win for the school, the synagogue, and your Club.

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