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Nov 2014 / Cheshvan 5775

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A Time to Be Thankful...          

You should be receiving this newsletter right before Thanksgiving, probably the most beloved secular American holiday.

Observant Jews thank the Eternal three times a day during the Shacharit, Minchah, and Ma'ariv services, but there is something especially delightful about a holiday centered about food and family, regardless of whether there is any specific liturgy associated with it. Food and family? Why, Thanksgiving could very well be a Jewish holiday!

And that is no joke. The Pilgrims, those earliest colonizers of America, were religious Christians who were especially well-versed in their Old Testament - the Hebrew Bible. And they were therefore familiar with Sukkot, the Festival of Tabernacles, a holiday that also served to celebrate the fall harvest. When they sat at their tables to thank Providence for the bounty of the land, there is no doubt but that their inspiration came largely from the Children of Israel.

As always, we welcome your submissions and your constructive input: Please let us know how best to serve your needs and those of your Club.

In This Issue
Myles' Musings: The Wandering Jew

Hearing Men's Voices: Webinar on The Changing Role of Jewish Men

The Yellow Candle Program: Remembering the Fallen

Greenfaith: Save Money and Protect the Environment

Build-a-Pair: Is Your Hebrew School Ready for the Wrap?


Myles' Musings:  The Wandering Jew

"Of all my activities as President of FJMC, visiting clubs and chatting with Men's Club members are among my favorites.  I had an opportunity to do a lot of this recently, as I went on what I've jokingly called my 'odyssey.'  Over the course of 11 days, my travels took me to seven cities where I met with members of 18 Men's Clubs in various venues."

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Hearing Men's Voices: The Changing Role of Jewish Men

You don't want to miss this empowering FJMC Hearing Men's Voices Webinar on The Changing Role of Jewish Men. The webinar is presented by Dr. Paul Davidson and includes commentary by Art Spar as well as clips from Rabbi Charles Simon's "Building Your Club" presentation at the 2013 FJMC Convention.


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The Yellow Candle Program: Remember the Fallen

The seventy-sixth anniversary of Krystallnacht fell just two weeks ago, on November 9. Did your club do anything to recall and to educate people about the events that took place on the eve of the Holocaust? Is your club ready for Yom haShoah... and for the Million Candle Challenge? 


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Greenfaith:  Save Money and Protect the Environment

Learn about energy certification for your shul with Greenfaith, a multifaith organization that  promotes the religious foundations of protecting the environment. Their step-by-step program can help you establish an energy efficient congregation.

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Build-a-Pair:  Is Your Hebrew School Ready for the Wrap?


Build-a-Pair is a fun and educational program for 5th through 7th graders, and is an adjunct to the World Wide Wrap. Students learn about Tefillin, construct model Tefillin in which they place their own Hebrew script, insert straps, and create "wRAP" songs to sing during the World Wide Wrap. It's a highly effective way to improve participation in the World Wide Wrap.
Many Men's Clubs pay for the Build-a-Pair program to be run in their religious schools. Not only does it help with the World-Wide-Wrap, it also gets their Men's Club in front of the younger parents at their synagogues. This is the time to make sure Build-a-Pair is included in your Hebrew School's curriculum... it's a win-win-win for the school, the synagogue, and your Club.

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