Heneni - Here I am !

In the Torah, when God called to Abraham and Moses they responded
Heneni - Here I am !

Now we invite you also to answer Heneni.

The FJMC has rebranded the FJMC100 as Heneni, a group that is answering the call to support the outstanding work of the organization. This support allows the FJMC to:

  • Strengthen LEADERSHIP - mentoring leaders at the club, region and international level.
  • Develop INNOVATIVE programming and material for our clubs and the member families of the Conservative / Masorti movement world-wide
  • Build COMMUNITY which allows Jewish men to form meaningful long-lasting relationships based on camaraderie, common interests and core values

FJMC brings meaning to the lives of men, and through our programming, touches hundreds of thousands of people each year.


The FJMC invites you to answer Heneni and contribute $100 or more to be a member of Heneni.  The members of Heneni will be a unique group; each Heneni member will receive a special limited edition commemorative pin on receipt of your donation.

Please speak to your fellow brothers and sisters and ask them to join you and answer Heneni.

Payment can be mailed to the FJMC office at 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 820, New York, New York 10115-0039, indicating "Heneni" on the check or use the online system on the FJMC website at http://www.fjmc.org.  You can also 'join' when you register for Convention 2015.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact either Allan Gottesman agottesman@fjmc.org / Stan Greenspan stangreenspan@fjmc.org / Allan Kahan akahan@fjmc.org / Gary Smith gsmith@fjmc.org

  • Moshe Adler
  • Jerome Agrest
  • Andy Alper
  • William August Becker
  • Barton Bookman
  • Robert E Braitman
  • Alan D. Budman
  • Brian Cynamon
  • Mark Druy
  • David J Edwards
  • Daniel Ellis Granek
  • Richard Gray
  • Stan Greenspan
  • Sheldon Handel
  • Jonathan Hops
  • Allan Robert Kahan
  • Robert Koenigsberg
  • David Mandell
  • Kenneth M Matlick
  • Donald N Miller
  • Mike Mills
  • Howard S. Minkoff
  • Marylyn Minkoff
  • Steve Neustein
  • Johnny Parker
  • Evan Bruce Rumack
  • Edward Sachs
  • Jeffrey Schulman
  • Joel Shrater
  • Bruce Sicherman
  • Steven David Silverstone
  • Myles Simpson
  • Gary Smith, DVM
  • Daniel Stern
  • Tom Sudow
  • Warren Suffrin
  • Bruce Alan Tomar
  • Robert Watts
  • Eric M Weis
  • David Yellin