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Home Page Design

Here are some topics to discuss at a future meeting (hopefully soon) focused on the site home page  content and layout. 

1. Who else should be involved in this design effort and invited to participate in the meeting?


2. What content do we want on the home page?


3. How should it be laid out?


4. Should we engage a graphic artist to give us a new concept for this page? (assuming we can get their services free or for a small fee)


5. Which panels will require periodic content update?

a. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly?


6. Which panels need rotating content (ad rotator, photo rotator, etc)


7. How do we want users to interact with the site?

a. Encourage login & registration or let them just browse?

b. Show benefits of registering

8. When a member logs in, what should he see on his personal home page?

Links to his:

  • Blog home page
  • Civi Dashboard Page
  • Personal profile view/edit
  • Opt-in/Opt-out of mailing lists
  • Region Home Page (internal and external) - with access to member directory?
  • Club home page (internal and external) - with access to club member directory?
  • Upcoming events list and/or calendar at the National, Regional and Club levels