Important Message Regarding Tefillin ***

Bulk tefillin sales of five (5) or more tefillin are now available by using the following order forms:

For the time being, we are selling tefillin on a bulk basis ONLY to our affiliated clubs or someone within the synagogue of an affiliated club, like the Rabbi, Cantor or Religious School Director.
We are not selling to individuals at this time.


All FJMC Tefillin Sales had been suspended for a while due to the passing of our sofer

Rabbi Mordecai "Motty" Blumenthal Z"ll, beloved proprietor of Z&A Kol Torah and the supplier of all of FJMC's Katan and Gadol Tefillin for many years has passed away. 

The FJMC's mission is to involve men and their families in Jewish life and our objective in selling Tefillin on this website was to sell Kosher Tefillin of reasonable quality at affordable prices to broaden the ability of Jews to fulfill the mitzvah of wrapping tefillin.  

We also sought to leverage our ability to purchase in volume and to share in this savings with those who belong to our Men’s Clubs and their synagogues. There are many who cannot afford to purchase high-end Tefillin which can cost many hundreds of dollars. As a non-profit we are not equipped to compete with or become the “Amazon” of Tefillin.  

This was not an easy objective to fulfill. There are vendors who cut corners and those who mean well but don't seem to have the knack for maintaining quality while controlling costs.  

Motty was not one of the above. He was a craftsman. In addition to his other work, Motty dedicated himself to delivering Kosher Tefillin that met the FJMC's specifications under the supervision of Rabbi Charles Simon. Motty's travels to Israel for parts and material, such as the klafs (parchments) and leather (for boxes and straps) seemed to be timed to the most favorable currency and market fluctuations. He assembled Tefillin here at first on Essex Street, later in Brooklyn, often in massive batches of 50 to 60 at a time.  

Tefillin must pass rabbinical supervision before being sold. We are actively looking at other vendors and checking their references. This will take time. Until a replacement vendor is found that meets both the Masorti Movement's Halachic standards and the FJMC’s quality standards, the FJMC will be suspending the sale of Tefillin.   

Donations in Mordecai "Motty" Blumenthal Z"ll memory may be made to the FJMC IKC Tefillin Fund. This fund purchases needed ritual items for Masorti communities in need. Recent activities of the fund include providing Tefillin to the Abuyadaya Community of Uganda and to Women of the Wall in Israel, and Mezuzot to the Jewish community of Cuba.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding.