Keruv Initiative Launched

Another FJMC initiative, this time the FJMC's Keruv initiative, was highlighted in a September 9th edition of the Jewish Daily Forward, in the article "Conservative Synagogues Crack Open Door to Intermarried Families."  [See the August 18th entry below for the other FJMC initiative receiving press recognition.]  In the article, it indicates that the Conservative Movement's  policies had caused an exodus of intermarried couples from Conservative congregations to Reform ones.  "Things did begin to change in Conservative synagogues in the early 2000s, when the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs, under the leadership of Rabbi Charles Simon, initiated a campaign to integrate intermarried couples. Since then, an untold number of Conservative synagogues around the country have simultaneously hewn to and flouted the advice of the national Conservative leadership, adjusting membership norms in a way that nominally accommodates the intermarried."  Read the entire article by clicking here.

Watch an important video of both the FJMC's Rabbi Charles Simon and Rabbi Kerry Olitzky, Executive Director of the Jewish Outreach Institute, as they discuss how best to deal with the reality of the issue of intermarriage.