Letter to Rabbis and Congregational Presidents

Dear ___________:

As your Kehillot prepare for another year to commemorate the Shoah, the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs (FJMC) is also making an effort to expand our activities to serve our Latin American brethren. This year, we are striving for a large international participation in what has proven to be one of our most meaningful programs, the Yom Hashoah Yellow Candle Program.

“For 30 years, FJMC Men’s Clubs and affiliated groups have observed the Shoah with a unique, home-based ritual - lighting the Yom Hashoah Yellow Candle. The Yellow Candle program’s theme is “Light a Candle, Preserve a Memory. ” Our program’s mission is to place a yellow candle in every Jewish home.

To help us achieve this goal, we respectfully ask if your Kehilla plans to participate in the Yom Hashoah Yellow Candle Program this year. To encourage and reward your participation, we have been able to secure special pricing for Kehillot outside of North America to ensure that you get the greatest value for your limited funds to enhance the effectiveness and reach of this program.

To further extend your cost-effectiveness, we have several shipping options to reduce that impact on the overall cost of the candles. One option, which has worked well in the past, is to ask Congregants traveling to the USA pick up some candles and bring them back. If you can review vacation plans with your Congregants, this can end up as a win-win situation.

In keeping in harmony with our Shomrei Ha’Aretz environmental emphasis, we are not sending printed brochures and materials. All the necessary guides and marketing materials are available online at our website, www.yellowcandles.org.  We encourage you to translate or adapt our materials to fit your Kehilla’s needs. We only ask that you let us know in advance.

If your Kehilla has specific needs or requests, please let us know, and we will try to accommodate them to the best of our ability. Our most important need at this time is to get your candle order in early, so we can make sure you get them in plenty of time to distribute them in your Kehilla. We would appreciate hearing from you no later than January 31, 20XX.

Thank you for your consideration and your interest in the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs and our Yom Hashoah Yellow Candle Program.