Making a Difference

Yom Hashoah Yellow Candle Program - El Salvador

Just to show the impact even a small program can do, let us look to our friends in El Salvador.

The local kehilla there started a Yellow Candle program last year. They ordered one case of candles from FJMC, which were then sent to several congregation members. These congregants were asked to contribute and they responded generously.

The funds raised from these donations were put into practical use by the Tikun Olam Committee of the Jewish Community of El Salvador. This committee's efforts traditionally benefit poor communities in the countryside.

Proceeds were used to refurbish the bathrooms at the Instituto Estado de Israel (State of Israel Institute) in the town of Nahuizalco. This institute serves over 1,500 students. Another institute in La Paz that serves 200 students also benefited from the reconstruction of their bathrooms.

We commend Tikun Olam Committee Chair Aaron Sztarkman for his enthusiasm and persistence in getting this wonderful Mitzvah accomplished.

Below are some pictures and a copy of the Tikun Olam Committee Report:





First things first, the Tikun Olam Committee of the Jewish Community of El Salvador would like to thank the FJMC for all the help that was given for the accomplishment of our projects, specially with the Yellow Candle Program, which was crucial for one of the biggest projects of the year, the refurbishing of the bathrooms of the Instituto Estado de Israel in Nahuizalco.

This year caught us doing fewer projects but with a greater impact than last year. We focused in infrastructure, specially in renewing the bathrooms of both institutes we help. Aside from that, the committee worked hand by hand with the whole community in October, when heavy rains hit our country. In a flash, a whole tzedakah campaign was mounted for the High Holidays and Succot. Everything that was gathered was donated to ONGs specialized in distribution and also for the people who were using the institute in Nahuizalco as a refuge.

Our most important project was the reconstruction of the bathrooms in both institutes, specially the one in Nahuizalco, which caters to 1,500 students. Most of the money for this project came from the donations made from Yellow Candle Program. We gratefully thank the FJMC for helping us out this year and look forward with working you this 2012, too. The institute in La Paz (200 students) also benefitted from the reconstruction of their bathrooms.

With the help of some members of the community, the committee also donated computers to the institute in La Paz. These members decided to ask for money for their birthdays as a gift and donated it as tzedakah for our projects.

For this 2012, our biggest projects are the construction of a roof for the BKB court and the refurbishing of the laboratories in La Paz. We also want to equip both institutes with musical instruments for their marching bands.

Thanks you again for all your help and support. You really help us make a difference in this country and our community.

Best regards,

Aaron Sztarkman


Tikun Olam Committee