Program Ideas

facebook“Shoah Yellow Candles” Facebook Page

Join the Yellow Candle Facebook page, a valuable resource for sharing your own experiences with others.  Yachad, working together, we can do so much more.




candle-tin-small“Sheni” Yellow Candles

Two Yellow Candles can be accommodated in one white shipping container, by placing them sideways inside the box.  Organizations can choose to distribute two Candles to each member, one for use on Yom HaShoah and the second for use at Yizkor times or for family Yahrzeits.


Linking with the Next Generation

Linking up with other children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, through organizations such as Generations of Shoah International.


Sample Appeal Letters

A cover letter, enclosed with the candle, to explain the purpose of your congregants receiving the candle, can often make a major impact on the success of your program.  To download a MS Word formatted sample, which you can modify for your club's use, click here.  To download a pdf of the same letter, click here.