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Twelve years ago, the Men’s Club at Har Zion was defunct – non-functioning for 6 years.  A small group of men were asked by the Rabbi to rebuild a club into the power house that it had been in year’s past.  At first, fledgling at best, the group began to rebuild the club through strengthening the brotherhood between the members and developing programs that brought recognition and appreciation from the congregation.  At first, there was a question as to whether the club should belong to the FJMC, but the “Yeas” always outvoted the “Nays”.  As the years passed, this club went “from strength to strength” until now it considered one of the leading affiliated organizations in the congregation that now sends men to it’s board with an excellent possibilities of becoming Presidents of Har Zion.  It has developed into a strong socially knit grow with strong friendships between the board members as well as a development of programming involving of those most appreciated by FJMC.  This club welcomes new ideas and is far removed from the eggs on Sunday morning mantra.