2007 Best Overall Activities (pw = fjmc)



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Overall Activities Summary – Men’s Club activities at North Suburban Synagogue Beth El are designed to touch almost every aspect of Jewish life for our members. The diversity of our content and the sheer number of programs – more than 60 over the last two years - have meaningfully impacted the lives of our members, our congregants, our community and our FJMC region. 

Since 2005 we have run programs on Israel, the Holocaust – including our Scholarship Program for Students to go to Europe and see the Camps, Kristalnacht Commemoration featuring world renowned lecturer and eye-witness Ernie Michel (the only survivor to cover the Nuremberg Trials as a reporter!), Jewish Studies, Foreign Affairs, Politics, Sports Nights, Men’s Health, US Intelligence Gathering, Civil Rights, Scotch and Israeli Wine Tasting, Dinner with the Rabbi, Programs with Sisterhood, Father and Child Bowling, Annual Blood Drive, Golf League, Basketball Team, Softball Team, Men’s Club Shabbat, FJMC Man of the Year, Yom HaShoah Candle Packing, Annual Music Festival, Senior Citizen Outreach with the Robineau Home through the Council for Jewish Elderly, Father Child Tzedukah program which will also benefit the Robineau Home, Scholar in Residence, Chanukah Latke Cooking for Sunday School students, Young Leadership/Young Membership Initiative, Family Oneg Shabbat, Maot Chitim, World Wide Wrap, FJMC Convention, Annual FJMC Retreats, FJMC Leadership and more.