2007 Come Wrap With Us!




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Summary: Congregation Beth Judea Men’s Club (“BJMC”) hosted its annual World Wide Wrap (“WWW”) on February 4, 2007. The overall goal of the program is, consistent with FJMC objectives, to encourage the Congregational community to become more involved in fulfilling the mitzvah of te’fillin.

Our past WWW programs generally featured various instructional components that were primarily directed toward the Congregation’s adult population. The quality of these programs remained consistently high but their overall focus was much too narrow to appeal to the broader cross section of the Congregation that we needed to reach in order to make the WWW an effective membership building tool and increase Men’s Club visibility. With this in mind, we decided to add to this year’s program two new components.

The WWW program this year consisted of six distinct components. They were: 1) Build a Pair, 2) Tefillin Class, 3) Shacharit Service, 4) Musical Wrapping, 5) Brunch Wraps, and 6) Sofer Talks.