2007 Dance Program



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1. The Men’s Club of Valley Beth Shalom in Encino promoted a successful Thanksgiving Dance on November 18th, 2007 in order to provide a social opportunity for singles to get together and for couples to have a night out.

2. The Jewish Singles commented that there was no other place for them to get together in a safe and non-threatening atmosphere. They requested that we promote a dance once a month, and form a singles club for them at our prestigious synagogue. They told us that VBS had a singles group many years ago and should have one again.

3. The success of the dance enhanced the prestige of the Men’s Club which had not previously been taken seriously in synagogue affairs.

4. The history and process of the planning of dance is reviewed with the idea of suggesting that other Men’s Clubs can successfully promote their own dances, in order to provide a venue for Jewish Singles to meet and also to enhance the prestige of their club.

5. This paper is presented for consideration for a Torch Award in the category of Non – FJMC Programming.