2007 Fundraising



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I have a small club and we haven't had luck with programs where people show up. We do fund raising for certain causes in the US, I send a letter to the cong. requesting $ so that we can purchase items that the local hospitals can give to the children for Hanukkah. This is beside providing for our own children in our school. We also send Solo Seder kits to the men & women in our arm forces for Passover and Purim Baskets for Purim. For Israel our gifts go to the children of Neve Hanna we provide the clothing for the Bar & Bat Mitzvah children. (I believe you went there) We also provide the Solo Seder kits & Purim baskets for the men & women in the IDF. We also provide money for Pups for Pease (bomb sniffing dogs in Israel.    These $ do not come from our dues. I make the following request is a letter-- I NEED YOUR HELP Men's Club would like to do this for-------. I realize this may not fit into the format that you wish, but its the best that I could do. See you in Chicago.

Because of letting the cong. know what the money went for I received more $. I believe that most people know very little about these causes, I saw this 1st hand when we had a meeting with other clubs. When we started doing this we donated about $1800. in total today its about $3000.+ I get about $500.-700 with each appeal. For my club its easy to give a check then show up at a meeting.