2007 Health Fair




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The Beth Torah Men’s Club organized a health, wellness, and safety expo.  The second year we expanded it to include health, mind, body and spirit. We presented over 30 local health professionals and karate clubs. The event catered to all age groups. We had activities for toddlers with local gyms and karate clubs. We had lectures, blood donations and hospital involvement. We had pertinent information on Medicare benefits, organ donations, and Jewish genetic diseases. The event brought together many health professionals; the Wellness Fair has become a showplace for the health of men and women and children.

The local community learned about Men’s Club and how we can work together. The motto of the day was look hot and fell good no matter what our age. We provided nutritious food, free samples and support for Israel. Everyone came with a purpose and left satisfied. This was a need in our community. The Men’s Club members took it upon themselves to present a Wellness Fair. This was a fun raiser and a fund raiser. The Men’s Club should be proud. Next year will be a “Chazaka”. A chazaka is when an activity is done for 3 times; then it becomes permanent.