2007 Hearing Mens Voices HMV programming (pw=fjmc)



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What Really Makes Men Tick?

Taking the FJMC lead, the Beth Hillel Congregation Bnai Emunah Men’s Club created its own “Hearing/Listening to Men’s Voices” program earlier this year.  The seminar attracted the right mix of attendees, including young men with their fathers.  The exchange of information was outstanding, and everyone came away from the event impressed. The informal, home-like setting was conducive for both our facilitator (a BHCBE congregant) and the 18 persons in attendance to discuss content openly.  Attractive posters placed on easels at BHCBE and a direct mail campaign/personal phone calling effort to Club members helped boost the crowd on a wintry night.  Other men’s voices programs are planned for 2007-08.

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