2007 Israel Advocacy



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The goal of the Holy Land Peace Project is for viewers (Men's Club members and others) to have a more favorable and informed opinion about Israel once they are educated about common misconceptions regarding the Arab – Israeli conflict.


Many people with a favorable opinion of Israel are unable to substantiate or defend its position and actions. Many have uninformed opinions influenced by the general media’s portrayal of events in the Middle East in a manner generally unflattering to Israel.


The presentation recognizes the plight of the average Arab and Israeli because of the conflict and places the blame on the political choices made without regard to humanitarian issues by Arab leadership. Words are omitted and/or included which take into account religious sensitivities without diluting our message.


The program was reviewed by an advisory board consisting of clerics and experts in history, law and land use. Members of other area Men’s Clubs also served as focus groups for a total of five programs. The result is a presentation which a neutral viewer should perceive as not being purposefully bias or propaganda. An extensive library of Powerpoint slides provides material for presentations tailored for specific audiences. Members with personal or business connections to foreign countries have shown versions using local points of reference for demonstrating Israel’s relative size and population.