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Israel will be secure as long as American Jews have a strong bond to the land. Over the past 5 years, while
there has been unrest in the State of Israel, this bond has shown signs of weakening. Finding ways to
encourage our youth (and their parents) to visit and see the land, has always led to successful bonding for
those who go.
On March 11, Men’s Club and others in EBJC heard from several young adults who visited Israel tell their
uplifting stories - “What I did on my Summer Vacation” -Israel Through the Eyes of Teens. A few of us
have been there, and many would like to go, but to witness 4 EBJC High School students share their
stories allowed all of those present to vicariously live the trip.
The 4 described their experiences on the various trips last summer. These trips included USY
Poland/Israel, USY Spain/Israel and Sar El- Volunteers for Israel. Their talks were followed by questions
and answers. Additionally, one parent who went on the USY Parent Pilgrimage, spoke briefly as well,
describing the tracking and security arrangements Israel has in place to ensure that our kids in Israel for
summer programs are safe.