2007 Keeper of the Flame




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Temple Israel of Sharon’s Brotherhood hosted the 2006 Keeper of the Flame (KOF) Awards Dinner for the New England Region of Jewish Men’s Clubs. Regional representatives and members of Temple Israel Brotherhood worked together to plan and run the event. The New England Region oversaw the effort to have local clubs choose their own honorees. Temple Israel Brotherhood was responsible for planning and running the event. Significant effort was put into developing a detailed implementation plan. This plan and supporting systems were specifically created to serve as a blueprint to aid other clubs who will host the KOF event in the future. The net result of our club’s efforts was the largest and one of the most financially successful KOF programs put on in the history of the New England Region. By creating a highly effective system to put on such a major event, the Brotherhood of Temple Israel, as well as all participating NERFJMC Men’s Clubs, benefited both in terms of strengthening membership, morale and their bottom lines.