2007 Keruv Shabbat




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Following the recommendations on how to start the Keruv program discussed at a training session, a social worker was used as a facilitator for the first few meetings.

In our second year the rabbis led the Keruv meetings.  This was done to show the congregants and future members that the rabbis were being supportive of the Keruv initiative. In May of 2006 the rabbis who were always pushing for conversion of the non-Jewish spouse made a statement that not everybody must convert but we must look for the children to be brought up Jewish.

After discussions with the rabbis in the fall of 2006 we decided to plan a Keruv Shabbat that would take place in February of 2007. For the planning of the Keruv Shabbat the rabbis chose three interfaith couples. We wanted to openly recognize and honor these interfaith married couples. Each couple was called to the Bima separately to share their feelings and explain why they chose to raise their children Jewish. The Rabbis gave up their Shabbat sermon in lie of these couples telling their stories. By the end of that Shabbat service there were very few dry eyes in the sanctuary. The response of the congregation was very positive.