2007 Latke Project (pw=fjmc)



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Our motto for our Men’s Club is that 1) you will hear about us, 2) you will read about us, and 3) you will want to be a part of us. 

The Latke project reached our entire congregation and the surrounding Jewish communities.  There were three basic wins for the men’s club.  The first was involvement, the second was comradery, and the third was a sense of accomplishment for the Men’s Club.  Our involvement made the holiday even more meaningful for the men who participated in making the latkes.  We even classified our latkes as the “Best east of the Mississippi”  We also challenged ourselves by saying that we could out sell our Sisterhood in their Purim project.  We developed some competition within our group and a lot of comradery.  The project of cooking and assembling a format to make and distribute 800 latkes is no easy task, but with a group of men working together and starting to smell like latke, we were able to master the challenge.  The final phase of feeling good about this project is always the feedback that the latkes were the best.  We are all aware that the Jewish stomach is the most critical attribute of a Jew and yes, we pasted the test. 

Our by-product was that a little money went into the Men’s Club treasury.  Our final touch was to clean the Shul’s kitchen at the end of the day. We all felt that this project exceeded our expectations.