2007 Men’s Club Sukkot Sales, Delivery, and Installation Program




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For the last four years, the B’nai Israel Men’s Club has sold, delivered, and installed over 40 sukkot. The program began in 2003 with the sale of only 4 units, but quickly became popular in the synagogue. In 2004 13 sukkot were sold. In 2005 and 2006, a total of 26 new sukkot were sold. We partner with a company to purchase units designed for easy setup and takedown. What makes this program so unique is that Men’s Club volunteers deliver and install the new sukkot. Our Men’s Club volunteers also go back the following year to install the units at the buyer’s request. We only ask for a small donation to our USY Chapter. In 2006, $400 was donated to our USY Chapter. The Men’s Club involves our USY Chapter as a way to get our kids engaged in synagogue-related community volunteer programs. The program is a mainstay of our synagogue’s High Holiday promotion season. A sukkah is on display throughout the summer season and is then is offered as a door prize at the B’nai Israel summer fair. The sukkah sales program is included in B’nai Israel’s annual program guide for members, promoted at Shabbat services prior to the High Holidays, advertised to Talmud Torah, Day School, and Nursery School families, and publicized in our synagogue’s newsletter and website. The program truly helps to build brotherhood, pride, and spirit in the Men’s Club by involving our members in Jewish life. In addition to our very successful sales, we know that many families have been inspired to build their own sukkot, expanding the number of sukkot built annually within the congregational community.