2007 Motivating Membership



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We established a coffee corner in our synagogue’s newly decorated lobby lounge by installing a single-serve, gourmet coffeemaker. The coffee corner encourages socializing and spotlights Men’s Club as a “welcoming” organization for our congregation’s younger men.  We inaugurated tt on the first Sunday of religious school in September to kick-off our membership drive.

We setup a table just outside the lounge with membership forms and flyers for upcoming events. We gave our members “official” Temple Sinai Men’s Club ceramic coffee mugs with our logo on one side and a list of our many activities on the other. After the kick-off, we had the mugs available at every event for new and returning members.

We also gave membership cards with a Jewish calendar on the back. The activity list on the mugs educates about Men’s Club and reinforces our synagogue’s “Find Your Place Here” slogan.  The membership cards serve to build our “brand” plus are a useful tool to be carried in our member’s wallets. We occasionally use the cards for prize drawings as an incentive for our members not to leave home without it.

The final part of the campaign is a welcome letter from the Men’s Club president. The letter reinforces our club’s friendliness and encourages all members to get involved.