2007 Olam Series of Poker – Texas Hold’em Tournament



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Tifereth Israel Men’s Club held it’s second annual Texas Hold’em Tournament on January 18, 2007.  Texas Hold’em has become a very popular game for a crowd and our club seems to eat it up.  We had attendees across a wide range of ages, from early 20s to late 70s.  We had three tables with 8-9 players each for a total of 25 tournament players.  Each player bought in for $35 and received $500 in play chips.  The event is advertised as a fundraiser for the Men’s Club which donates to various charitable organizations throughout the year.  The event is held on a Thursday night starting at 7 PM and ending at 10:30 PM.  It includes a light pasta dinner along with beverages (soda and beer) and snacks.  We hired three local dealers for $50 each for the night.  We had prizes donated by local venues or restaurants along with some gifts purchased at wholesale through a rep that was a synagogue member.  All attendees loved the event and requested that we have a similar card night more often.  Mainly the comments were the men loved having an excuse for getting out of the house on a weeknight and just “chilling” for a few hours.  We decided to host a poker night at least 4 times per year.