2007 Passionate Davening for Families with texts



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The FJMC requested that TI contemplate initiating a service that would create increased enthusiasm for synagogue services.  Based on that request we decided to create a service to focus on a segment of the community that was not attending services on a regular basis - young families with children under the age of eleven.  In conjunction with the congregation's clergy, the Men's Club created an additional Friday night service focused on that group. 

We first formed a focus group to assess what type of service waas preferred; we then tailored the service accordingly.  We created a short siddur booklet to be used in the service which could be taken home by the families.  The cantor also prepared a CD which the families could take with them and play at home and in the car to learn the service with their children.  After each service we have met and discussed slight changes to be made in the subsequent service.

The services take about 45 minutrs and are followed by a dinner.  The first service took place in September, 2006.  We have had 3 more services siince then.  Approximately 80 people (25 families) attended each service.