2007 Softball for the Boys



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Our Men’s Club is fortunate enough to have a member who loves athletics.  He has tremendous energy and brought to the board for approval an idea for a Sunday morning baseball game with neighboring synagogues.  That is the way it started.  Within 3 years, a league with a schedule for games and a championship game had been founded.  The men play at 10 o’clock though they arrive ½ hour early for warm up. 

The league has grown from random weekly games with other teams here and there into one that has team shirts and equipment owned by the league.  Each player is charged an entry fee that pays for the shirts and equipment.  It is a great way for our club to meet younger members of the synagogue and interest them in joining the club.  Incidentally, Jeff Lurie, owner of the Philadelphia Eagles has played shortstop for Har Zion on more than one occasion.

The program is not designed to be a large fundraiser.  However, the net at the end of the season, usually up to $1,000, is used toward our club’s expense of maintaining Friday night and Saturday morning at the Brith Sholom House, a retirement Apartment for older, retired Jews.