2007 Successful Political Forum Presented - Speakers Bureau



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A Political Forum, sponsored by our Men’s Club, was held at Temple Beth Emet on October 30, 2006, one week prior to the November 2006 election.  The Forum featured the incumbent Congresswoman from California’s 47TH Congressional District (encompassing Santa Ana and Garden Grove), Democrat Lorreta Sanchez, and her Republican challenger Tan Nguyen.  Mr. Nguyen achieved his candidacy by winning an earlier hard fought runoff election.

Thinking that this would be both a good public relations and educational opportunity for Temple Beth Emet, our Men’s Club President Bob Oran (OBM) proposed the idea of a formal Debate between the candidates.  Mr. Oran then turned the idea over to his Membership VP, Ron Gross, who began the process by contacting the offices of both candidates.  The format of a Forum, as opposed to a direct debate, was settled upon primarily at the behest of Congresswoman Sanchez.  It was also thought that there would be less of a security risk for the Temple if the two candidates were not opposing each other on the dais at the same time.  We achieved its goal and the event was a huge success in several ways, drawing an attendance of close to 200 people.