2007 Temple Israel Center Brotherhood Binder for Succession & Event Planning (pw=fjmc)



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A key to every organization, particularly one run by volunteers, is precise organization. Our club suffered from a serious problem: We ran many successful programs, but the institutional knowledge of how to run them was not passed on in any systematic, comprehensive way. So when the organizer of a particular program stepped down, there was no efficient and effective way to pass on the learning to the successor. The same problem applied to the president of the club, during successions. To solve this problem, our club developed a comprehensive binder, containing instructions on how to run each program. The binder consists of sections written by each program organizer, describing in detail the steps required to arrange each event. This binder has proved to be invaluable not only to the incoming club president, but the organizers of each program. The binder is a key tool for ensuring the successful organization of our events, many of which draw on or feed FJMC programs at the regional or national level. As a result of this binder, the planning has become easier and of a higher quality. The binder has arguably become the single most important factor in the success of all of our events, because we can all now be on the “same page” regarding each event’s objectives and how to pull it off effectively. This, in turn, draws more participation in the events and in our club overall. It is also now easier to recruit new program organizers among our members, because they can now clearly see – in advance – what the required tasks are, and how to carry them out.