2007 Using MS Sharepoint to Manage Your Club Efficiently (password - fjmc)



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One of the biggest problems with leading a club or running an event is continuity.  Somehow everything that is created for an event seems to disappear over the years from hard drives and paper files and often a new chair person has to start from scratch.  MS Sharepoint provides the capability to post items to specialized password protected Sharepoint sites.  It provides features such as task lists, discussion groups, event lists and surveys.

The Temple Israel of Natick club has all its documents on-line in Sharepoint.  All our fliers, membership list, meeting minutes, lessons learned files, bulletin articles, budgets, officer information and more.  All of the club officers have access to the site allowing them to collaborate using Sharepoint.

Other than Internet Explorer, no special software is needed to use Sharepoint.  For the FJMC, Sharepoint is hosted by Frontpage Hosting and costs $20 a month for 1 Gbyte of memory with unlimited users.

Beyond our local club, we have set up Sharepoint sites for the New England Region for the regional executive board, Laymen’s Institute (regional retreat) and for the international Keruv committee.  Sharepoint is being used at the local, regional and international levels.  Our goal is to continue expanding the use of Sharepoint to more and more clubs across additional regions.