2007 World Wide Wrap – Tefillin Wrap and Learn




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Rather than running the typical World Wide Wrap (WWW) program, we asked our two Rabbis and a resident scholar to choose a Jewish, religious or historical topic of interest to them and deliver a 90 minute lecture. To enhance the learning experience, we invited the upper Hebrew School and High School students to join the adults at the session. Approximately 100 men, women, and teenagers participated in the morning’s activities The 2007 lectures were “From Sinai to the Siddur”, “Structure of the Siddur: A Practicum” and “A History of American Judaism.”

Following Davening, ask discussing what the World Wide Wrap was about, we had a communal. After the breakfast, the participants were directed to three location where the speakers conducted their presentations.

The programs were restructured in this manner from the usual program of discussing the ritual aspects of wearing tefillin, and how they are made. It engaged more participants, and became much more informative.  Including the teenagers allowed them to learn with their parents, in a way that most have not experienced.  Attendance has increased since we changed the format.