2007 World Wide Wrap/Build-A-Pair program




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Our club wanted to build on our previously successful annual “World Wide Wrap” by working with our USY chapter and USY region to create a major tefillin event. We also coordinated the wrap with our first “Build-A-Pair” program.

The events were a big success, with over 400 people attending the events. Most rewarding was the involvement of our youth programs.

World Wide Wrap-

We had our wrap during the Sunday morning services. Services were run by the USY’ers and included some fun wrap-related programs (songs/skits).  Men’s Club members and other adult attendees then went to a separate room for breakfast and a discussion of our “twin” in Spain.


Developed as a weekday afternoon parent/child program with our shul’s Religious School (“daled” students- 6th grade). Flyers were sent home advertising this as a parent/child project. Dinner was provided for attendees (students and their parents).