2007 WWW Pancake Breakfast




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In conjunction with World Wide Wrap, an annual event sponsored by Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs around the world to educate and encourage Jewish youth to lay Tefillin and davin, Our Rabbi handles the service and our Club Board Members cook up over 150 pancakes for the minyan attendees. For under $100, we had 4 flavors of Pancakes, including plain, blueberry, banana, and chocolate chip, with a jumbo Costco-sized box of Bisquick, a jumbo syrup, a dozen eggs, milk, OJ, cups, plates, forks, napkins, and enough left over for cantaloupe and watermelon wedges for the crowd of 65+ members and their sons and daughters. This was our second annual event. Our Men’s Club treasury underwrites the entire cost of the event and it has been very well received. This is the only pancake breakfast we have each year and the members are now looking forward to it each year.